Materials and Finishes

D-2 Tool Steel

Of all the steels that I have worked with over the past 35 years, none have stood out like D-2. I have used it, almost exclusively for over 30 years. D-2 is an amazing, all American tool steel that offers unparalleled performance for the type of knives that I craft.

All of my knives are individually heat-treated in my shop, by me personally, to ensure that each and every blade gets the attention that it deserves. My in-house heat-treat protocol involves a proprietary triple tempering process that greatly refines the grain structure and allows for a durable, long-lasting edge.  My D-2 blades have a hardeness of 59-61 Rc

Handle Materials

Most of my knives feature natural handle materials and there are very few of these materials that I have yet to encounter over the past 35 years.  I make it a practice to pay close attention to the individual characteristics of the particular handle material being used. I work all ivory and bone slowly, and by hand, instead of with heat generating grinders, in order to ensure that checking will be at a minimum. Likewise, all woods, bone, horn, antler, and ivory are kept in a humidity controlled environment in order to control swelling and shrinking caused by excessive moisture.

I recommend Micarta handles for knives that will see heavy use/abuse. Micarta has been proven over the years to be one of the finest handle materials for high impact applications.

Guards and Bolsters

I use a variety of guard and bolster materials including: Nickel Silver, Pure Silver, Gold, Brass, Mokume, Copper, Bronze, etc. . . .

Blade Finishes

I prefer naked steel for most of the knives I make. Therefore, High Polish, Satin, and Bead Blast are among my favorites. Coatings are available, but I only recommend them for tactical style blades or knives that will be subjected to heavy salt water applications where the extra protection could prove to be most valuable.


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