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Welcome!  Glad you stopped by!  I suppose you're here because you love knives as much as I do.  I mostly make hunting and filet knives.  I do make some tacticals but really specialize in outdoorsman's knives.  Motivated by my love of hunting and the great outdoors, I created my first hunting knife in 1969. Along with designing knives, I have enjoyed teaching others about the art of custom knifemaking. Over 35 years of design and development have led to the knives featured on this website. All of my knives are designed individually, without the use of jigs or fixtures.  Each knife is cut, one at a time, out of a piece of tool steel barstock, on a bandsaw, by me.  I have yet to use a laser cut or stamped out blade blank.  This ensures that no two knives will be exactly the same. I enjoy working with the customer to tailor a knife to his/her specific needs. Years of proven reliability insure that all materials and workmanship will meet with your expectations and specifications
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Knives have always been about fun for me. They are fun to use, they are fun to design, and they are fun to make. My love affair with knives has spanned over 50 years.

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